Virtual London Marathon

General Manager of the Mears Foundation, Heather Tyrer took part in the Virtual London Marathon on Sunday 3rd October 2021.

Heather Tyrer said -

"I have always said that I didn’t want to complete a marathon and now I have gone and done it. By taking a place in the London Virtual Marathon it meant I could do it my way and in my home county which was the deciding factor.

"On Sunday 3rd October I had a early start to run my first 14miles with a couple of good friends setting my pace, then I was joined by 10+ family and friends who had come to support too by walking a lovely 6 mile loop – good to have the rest from running but we set a good pace. Then finally I ran/walked the final 6.2 miles, tough but also amazed at where I got my strength from – and loved it.

"All the way through I kept in mind the support I had from my donors – to date they have raised £892 for The Mears Foundation and Mind, what a fab bunch of people they all are. The money raised will be £4£ matched by The Mears Group and will go towards helping and supporting those who are in a desperate place."

October 5, 2021

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