Grants awarded in 2023 - Green Spaces

In 2023, we have successfully provided 56 grants focused on transforming green spaces.

At the Mears Foundation, we are dedicated to supporting initiatives that enhance the well-being and quality of life of individuals and communities. So in 2023, we entirely centred our grants on projects that transform local landscapes, focusing on our core goal of bringing communities together. These projects offer a range of benefits to communities and individuals in the local area, including:

• Improved mental health and well-being: By improving local environments, we improve residents' mental health and well-being in the surrounding area.

• Promoting social interactions: These initiatives bring the local community together, encouraging social interactions and a sense of belonging.

• Opportunities for physical activities and outdoor recreation: Revived landscapes provide spaces for physical activity and outdoor leisure, encouraging healthier lifestyles.

• Positive Environmental sustainability: These projects contribute to environmental sustainability by improving air quality, creating habitats for local animals, and supporting the local ecosystems.

• Outdoor events for environmental learning: Outdoor events and educational programmes promote responsibility for the environment and sustainability among communities.

From busy urban areas to peaceful countryside spaces, the projects that we funded were spread throughout the UK, each with its own goal for reviving their natural spaces. Here are just a few highlights:

• Netherfield Memorial Garden: This community garden was transformed into a biodiverse space complete with wildlife habitats, educational programmes, and a communal orchard.

• The Sensory Garden for All: Helped create a garden tailored to local residents and autistic residential home service users, incorporating objects that users may interact with to experience all five senses: sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch.

• Wellbeing Courtyard - New York Stadium: We have constructed a wellbeing courtyard at our facility within New York Stadium, this space provides a relaxing environment for our branch personnel and local public users of the nearby canal pathway.

• Medway - Gillingham Greenspaces Project & Caerphilly & Bridgend Greenspaces Project: Supported sustainable projects that meet with the Net Zero Strategy, with a focus on tree planting, seating areas, and safe recreational spaces.

• Addiewell Community Garden Refurbishment: Enhanced a local community garden with a variety of equipment, including water storage, a windbreaker, and plantings, to ensure long-term impact.

These projects are just a fraction of the outstanding projects that have received our support. To view more detailed information on each grant awarded, please visit our online interactive map.

We thank everyone involved! Together, we continue to making a better place to call home for many.

February 5, 2024

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