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Relationship between Mears Group plc and the Mears Foundation

Mears Group plc is dedicated to improving the local environment and developing thriving, healthier, and more vibrant communities through its commitment to social responsibility. As the Foundation's main donor, Mears Group fully supports us across all projects. The Foundation's projects are consistent with Mears Group's core social values:

How does the Foundation raise money?

The Mears Foundation relies on the generosity of Mears Group employees to fund our charitable initiatives. Employees can donate to the Foundation via payroll through the Giving for Change programme. Mears Group matches every donation made under the Giving for Change Programme, and the Foundation can also benefit from Gift Aid where applicable. For every £1 donated through Giving for Change, the Foundation can receive up to £2.25.

Mears Employees

In addition to payroll donations, The Foundation helps staff arrange fundraising events by assisting with organisation, design, logistics, sponsorship forms, posters, and managing fundraising platforms such as Just Giving.

Partnerships with Other Foundations, Charities, and Corporations

The Mears Foundation values relationships with other foundations, organisations, and corporations that share our desire to make a positive difference in communities. We are especially appreciative for the tremendous support offered by our valued partners featured on our Friends of The Mears Foundation page. These collaborations help us accomplish our objective of assisting vulnerable individuals and making significant improvements in the local communities we serve.

Many of these well-known companies have strong ties with Mears Group and generously support the Mears Foundation as away of giving back to the community. We are immensely grateful for their continuous backing and look forward to developing new relationships with more companies in the future.