We at The Mears Foundation are dedicated to supporting projects that positively impact communities all throughout the United Kingdom. Our grant programmes are designed to tackle key issues such as poverty, isolation, and support for vulnerable individuals

Types of Grants

1. Community Grants: These grants are submitted or endorsed by members of the Mears Group PLC workforce through our internal submission process. Projects supported under this category aim to alleviate poverty, combat isolation, and provide assistance to those seeking asylum.

2. National Grants: We work with national charities and organisations that share our values to support projects addressing various forms of poverty, including food, fuel, and digital poverty, as well as initiatives tackling social isolation and loneliness.

Grant application process

  • Grant window opens: Monday 5th August
  • Grant window closes: Monday 30th September (for approval in November)

Funds must be spent via a UK registered charity or by Mears Foundation direct.

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How Grants are Allocated

The Foundation assesses grant applications based on the extent to which they align with our objectives. Consideration is given to factors such as:

  • Measurable impact of the project
  • Number of people who will benefit
  • A fair distribution of grants across regions within the UK

We invite conversations with national charities and organisations that share our objective and actively support the well-being of local communities, in line with The Mears Foundation's values and goals.

Where we've issued grants

The Foundation issues grants across the UK. Use the map below to see where our grants have made an impact.