A homeless person sitting next to a wall on a high street


Funds must be spent via a UK registered charity or by Mears Foundation direct.

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The Foundation will accept proposals for funding twice a year:

  • Round 1 - closing date: 30 March for approval end of May
  • Round 2 - closing date: 30 September for approval end of November

How does the Foundation decide to allocate a grant?

The Foundation will assess applications based on the application meeting the Charity’s objectives and consideration is given to:

  • the degree to which impact can be measured
  • the number of people who will benefit
  • a fair allocation of grants across geographic spread in the UK

Community Grants

These are grants that are submitted /endorsed by a member of Mears Group PLC workforce via our internal submission process. The projects we will support this year are ones that alleviate poverty, isolation, and support those seeking asylum.

National Grants

The Foundation looks to work with national charities and organisations who share in our values and together work to support projects that alleviate:

  • Poverty in the following forms:
    - Food
    - Fuel poverty
    - Digital poverty
  • Social isolation and loneliness

We welcome discussions with like-minded National Charities and Organisations who champion the same causes and support local communities as The Mears Foundation.

Where we've issued grants

The Foundation issues grants across the UK. Use the map below to explore where we have given out grants.