British Transplant Games MF Donation

The games are a chance for anyone across the country who has had a transplant of any kind , ages from as young as 2 up to sometimes 80+ to take part in various sporting activities from the more sedentary ones like ten pin bowling and darts to track and field events and swimming. The whole ethos of the games is for transplant recipients to show their thanks to their donors and donor families.

The event is open for all abilities and skill levels and in fact the person coming last is always the person who gets the most cheers! Team Portsmouth came back with 7 golds, 3 silvers and a 2 bronzes. It was as always a very inspiring and emotional event and feels like one big extended family. We even became part of the Guinness book of records with having the most transplant recipients in one room (724)!

The team were very grateful for the Mears Foundation for their donation of £250 which went towards new shorts and tracksuit bottoms for our team.

Congratulations on your grant award

Congratulations to the below charites/projects on your grant award:-

Mears Care Balmoral place memory room - £1000
Mears South Cambs super kitchen project - £1000
Glos Young carers - £1000
Strongbones Children's Charitable Trust £1000
Happy Kids playscheme £250
The Rainbow Centre for bereaved children £250
Active Teens £250
Haven House Children's Hospice £1000
Kids Cancer charity £1000
Nicodemus £500
Whizz-Kidz £500

The Mears Foundation have chosen to support these charities based on specific criteria.

Please know that your efforts are important and worthy causes.

Stay Safe in the Sizzling Heatwave..

It's that time of year again when the mass summer holiday exodus begins.
As we experience more extreme temperatures please keep an eye on your older neighbours to make sure they are happy, healthy and have everything they need during a heatwave.

Keep cool, stay safe

Follow some of these tips for older people and your families to make sure you keep cool and stay safe during a heatwave.

· Stay hydrated by drinking cool drinks such as water or soft drinks. Try to avoid hot drinks such as tea or coffee.

· Stay indoors during the hottest part of the day, which is typically between 11am and 3pm.
· Keep cool by splashing yourself with water throughout the day, or even have a cold bath or shower.
· Make rooms in the house as cool as possible by closing blinds and curtains to keep the sun out and only open windows when it is cool enough outside to do so.
· Find the coolest room in the house and spend time there if you need to.
· Keep an eye on weather forecasts for what the temperature will be and make plans accordingly

Happy holidays from the MF team.

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Gilesgate Primary School MF Donation

Debbie Kerr (Customer Care Manager - Mears -Newcastle upon Tyne) met with Mark Turner, Head teacher at Gilesgate Primary School, on Monday, 16th July to present the cheque from the Mears Foundation. Debbie had the pleasure of meeting all of the children and presenting the cheque at their celebration assembly which was amazing.

As part of the school's KPI's they get involved in various projects and initiatives, and one of the biggest projects they are currently involved in is the OPAL (Outdoor Play & Learning) Programme which engages pupils in active play at breaks & lunchtimes.

This develops creativity amongst the pupils as they play and ultimately fosters teamwork amongst the pupils by working with others as they play. All of this means that there is greater cooperation amongst the pupils, which in turn, leads to a reduced number of behaviour incidents in the playground.

Children have always developed all of the key skills they will need for the future (soft skills as we know it) through playing every single day and Mark was extremely grateful for this very kind donation which they will put towards the OPAL Programme.

We got a massive thank you from the children, they raised the roof in fact, and a huge round of applause. We can safely say the donation from the Mears Foundation will have a huge impact on the programme.

Debbie has been invited to return to see what the money has paid for so watch this space...another partnership has been forged and hearts touched by the Mears Foundation.

The children made a Thank You for the Mears Foundation.

We are so grateful for the time and effort the children at Gilesgate Primary School have made in creating a wonderful thank you card.