Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

As we await to turn a new auspicious page of our lives in 2020, we will all step into a new life of hopes, dreams and ambitions.

It's your kind donations of time and money that make the Mears Foundation possible and we're grateful for any support you can give.

​Together we're making a difference, one day at a time...


What Good Shall We Do in 2020?

We are fast approaching 2020, which is a scary thought; I’m sure you’ll agree that this past year has absolutely flown by!

In 2020 lets spread kindness like it's confetti ....

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with joy, laughter, warmth, wonderful moments with your loved ones and something very special under the Christmas tree.

Caring is Sharing .....

In the past  few months we have supported the following charities:
Action for M.E. 500.00
Active Hope 250.00
Angling 4 Success 500.00
Brainwave 250.00
Butterfly Trust 250.00
Homeless Support Project 500.00
NARA The Breathing Company 500.00
Playschule 250.00
Young Bristol 678.00

The Mears Foundation has chosen to support these charities based on specific criteria.

We can make a difference to people’s lives across the world...