What is the relationship between Mears Group plc and the Mears Foundation?

Mears Group is committed to supporting the local economy and helping communities to thrive, become healthier and more vibrant and to support regeneration.

Mears Group is the Foundation’s major donor and Mears supports the charity with value in kind contributions.

The Foundation’s work contributes towards the Group’s social value impact.

Mears Foundation supports vulnerable people into communities. We specifically look to support programmes that have a positive impact on the lives of asylum seekers, older people and the homeless that tackle issues such as social inclusion, isolation, mental health and poverty.

The Foundation’s principles align with and support Mears Group’ social value priorities, specifically:

  • Championing local
  • Fair for All
  • Creating Chances
  • Healthy Planet

How does the Foundation raise money?

Mears Employees

The Mears Foundation relies on the goodwill of the staff at Mears Group.

The Giving for Change programme underpins the Foundation’s work. Giving for Change offers staff the opportunity to donate to the charity through payroll giving. Mears Group match funds every penny donated to the Foundation through the Giving for Change Programme. This is further supported by HMRC. For every £1 donated by an individual UK taxpayer, the Foundation can claim an additional 25pence from the tax man via Gift Aid, subject to the donor signing a simple declaration.

This means that for every £1 donated through Giving for Change, the Foundation can benefit by up to £2.25.

If you are a Mears Employee, please sign up here.

The Foundation will support staff with the planning of fundraising events. We can help with organisation, design, T-shirts, sponsorship forms, posters and managing Just Giving / Virgin Money.

Partnerships with other Foundations, Charities and Corporations

We proactively seek partnerships and match funding, either in cash, or value in kind, with parties who share our values and principles.

Amazon Smile

The Foundation is a registered charity with Amazon Smile which allows anyone buying anything from Amazon to choose Mears Foundation as their preferred charity, thus attracting donations from Amazon at no additional cost to the buyer.