Sponsored Hike in Aid of Coatham House

On October 30th, our colleagues at Mears Housing Management North East are taking part in a sponsored hike in the aid of Coatham House in Redcar.

October 30, 2021

For the challenge, they will be hiking in the Pennines down the side of a three-drop waterfall, through the River Tees George and back to Cow Green Reservoir, with a total distance between six to nine miles.

Coatham House is a charity which provides sheltered and emergency accommodation for 16–24-year-olds.As well as shelter and food, they provide youths with life lessons, budgeting, cleaning, and vocational qualifications.

Coatham House receive no Government funding and rely on raising money by managing a small charity shop where people donate furniture/used appliances and through money donations.

If you would like to sponsor our colleagues from Mears Housing Management North East, please click here