Wyatt House in Billingshurst - The Changing of the Garden !

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Planting Seeds of Friendship...

Amy Doughty and team from Mears Home Group, Chandlers Ford branch attended Wyatt House last Thursday and erected a trellis with money donated by The Mears Foundation. 

Plans for phase 2 include the team returning to Wyatt House and planting plants to create a lovely little garden turning it into a beautiful place to relax.

Amy, incorporated her site visit to Wyatt House to erect the trellis with the usual coffee mornings she does with the elderly residents and they very kindly invited her to stay for lunch with them.

The scheme manager emailed Amy to say thank you for the morning and they are all very grateful for the grant.

We look forward to seeing the established plants next year!

Plant a little love, watch a miracle grow....

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