Mears Home Group brings festive Cheer to Depaul

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It was the 5th Christmas dinner for DePaul this year the event was even bigger and better than last year and this is all thanks to the help and support from Mears Home Group. The day went so well and everything went like clockwork, thanks to the amazing efforts of the "kitchen crew" and the volunteers from Mears which included, wrapping presents, dressing the tables, providing table service for the young people, and washing up. Mr Devlin and Mr Morrow really suited their aprons!!

The £100 donated from the tuck shop was amazing and allowed Debbie Keer to prepare 5 hampers for the young people and the £250 donation from the Mears Foundation will go towards all the important things the young people need as they start a new chapter in their lives.

Well done Debbie Kerr and team.

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