Humber Bridge Walks

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On Saturday 29th September the 'Mears Grimsby Branch' walked/ran the Humber Bridge to raise money for  The Mears Foundation.  Altogether 10 staff took part and collectively walked 72 miles and raised just over £300. 

Luckily on the day the sun was shining and although the wind was high the staff wrapped up and worked together as a team to encourage each other to take part.

Branch Communicator, Sam Lingard, stated 'Staff at the branch had a meeting on how we could raise money for the foundation locally as the organised walks are at least 2 hrs away from our branch. We thought organising our own walk was great idea; we chose the Humber Bridge as it is a big landmark in our are. We all had a great day and although tiring we all felt good about raising the money for the charity'.

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