Congratulations on your grant approval!

We receive a high number of applications from a whole range of projects. Funding of £250 was awarded to the attached projects. 

The Mears Foundation has chosen to support these charities based on specific criteria.

Please know that your efforts are important and worthy causes.



The Red Lipstick Foundation

As a foundation built from personal experience we are dedicated to supporting families bereaved by suicide and are passionate about raising awareness of mental health issues.

The Red Lipstick Foundation was founded in 2014 following the sudden and unexpected death of our much loved daughter, sister, twin, auntie, niece, granddaughter and friend – Brittany took her life the day before her 20th birthday and her untimely and unexpected death left our world in chaos.

We named our charity The Red Lipstick Foundation due to Britt's love of bright red lipstick and her quirky style! Learning through our personal experience we are able to offer services to families bereaved by suicide, or immediate family members following a traumatic younger enable person’s sudden death.

We hope that our £250.00 donation will help to continue to provide this vital support.

Watcombe Primary School Silver Listeners scheme

Mears care, Torbay are involved in a local scheme called Silver Listeners where children from a local school read to isolated clients over the phone.

The Mears Foundation donated £250.00 to purchase new books when the funding for the scheme was reduced.

Clothing Solutions for disabled people

CLOTHING SOLUTIONS (FOR DISABLED PEOPLE) is a project which aims to both understand and meet the clothing needs of disabled people. 

Clothing Solutions is a registered charity no. 1120118, and offers information, advice and a garment production/alteration service.  They offer solutions to most clothing and dressing issues whether concerning, shape, size, proportion, access and fastenings, fabric technology and care.