Grants - April 2017

Watcombe Primary School Silver Listeners scheme

Mears care, Torbay are involved in a local scheme called Silver Listeners where children from a local school read to isolated clients over the phone.

The Mears Foundation donated £250.00 to purchase new books when the funding for the scheme was reduced.

Clothing Solutions for disabled people

CLOTHING SOLUTIONS (FOR DISABLED PEOPLE) is a project which aims to both understand and meet the clothing needs of disabled people. 

Clothing Solutions is a registered charity no. 1120118, and offers information, advice and a garment production/alteration service.  They offer solutions to most clothing and dressing issues whether concerning, shape, size, proportion, access and fastenings, fabric technology and care.

BASIC - Brain and Spinal Injury Centre

BASIC’s mission is to support when medical treatment has ended and families are left to cope largely on their own with the consequence of brain and spinal injury in the family.  They are open during the day, Monday to Friday and their services are available to anyone that needs help. 

Although most of their clients live in and around Greater Manchester, they endeavour to help anyone with an acquired brain or spinal injury wherever they may live.

They take referrals from a number of sources: 

· Salford Royal Hospital — BASIC is located close to Salford Royal but remains an independent registered charitable organisation 

· Community Neuro-Rehabilitation Teams 

· other hospitals 

· GP's and other health professionals